Formed in the late 90’s in the heart of Barcelona, the band released their first album “VENGUE” nearly two decades ago in 2000. The original collective grew and evolved, embarking on a pioneering voyage that led to the creation of a new genre, and achieving great success with its own independent record label and self-management philosophy.

With flamenco as an ever-present core, their albums are infinite excursions into a world where ancient rhythms fuse with modern sensibilities and styles: from India to the Americas, crossing Africa and every corner of the Mediterranean on the way, also drinking from the waters of funk, rock, jazz, hip hop, and electronic music.

With the release of the now classic albums Vengue, Barí, Techarí, and Aocaná and several live DVDs, they traveled the seven seas, giving legendary concerts around the world, sharing new vision of flamenco fusion and opening the door to an entirely new kind of music.

During these years, the band received international acclaim and won several prestigious nominations and awards.Among others:

BBC Award, 2004 - Best European Music Band

Premios de la Música, 2005 - Mejor Gira Española

Latin Grammy, 2006 - Best Flamenco Album

In 2012, after traveling the globe many times over, they arrived in their Final port of call and the band was dissolved.

For those who had the chance to see them live, they knew it couldn’t end there; for those who never had the chance to, there is good news: its members are actively making music in a number of new projects, each with different styles but the same spirit and passion as always:

Leaders Ramon Giménez, Xavi Turull y DJ Panko

Leader Marina ¨La Canillas¨

Leader DJ. Panko

Leader Xavi Turull

Leader Ramón Giménez

Leader Maxwell Wright